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How quickly does time fly! There have been some cool changes here since I last posted, so let’s bring you up to speed!

~ New staff! My Chocolate Box took off a little quicker than we expected, and my team ended up pulling some crazy shifts to get boxes out in time for the Chocolate Coffee Show at the end of September. Two of them worked until 3.30am! I am so proud of my team. I consider myself fortunate that I have such good people here. Due to the hard work, and with new staff starting (Welcome to Hannah who just started, and Ashley who is in her 3rd week!), I decided to close up for a day last Friday and give them a well deserved 3-day weekend.

~ New changes to My Chocolate Box! Due to pushing some key suppliers for volume discounts, I was able to increase the amount of chocolate going into each box. This has been well received and allowed me to produce a box that is far closer to what I consider the ideal My Chocolate Box. I still have some plans to improve this product as we go, but it sure is nice to check these milestones off as the journey progresses.

~ Our Hot Chocolate won a silver award at the NZ Chocolate Awards 2017. This was a product made exclusively for My Chocolate Box too, so it is nice to have an award that backs up the vision – to bring a better quality crafted chocolate to the every day chocolate market.

~ I have rejigged our social media a little, so you will see some subtle differences coming through various channels shortly. More blogs, more behind the scenes videos, and more showcasing our wonderful chocolate.

As we launch into Christmas mode (I know, it’s too early to be saying Christmas!), it is nice to have my wonderful production team firing on all cylinders. We know how big a challenge this season will be for us, however, we are excited about it too. Keep an eye out for 3 & 6 month subscriptions which will be available as gifts!

As always, the best part of this entire journey is our customers. I read literally every post in our VIP group, watch every video, and see every image tagged on social media. It really does give me a buzz seeing our customers enjoying My Chocolate Box.

OK, long post I realise, but that’s what happens when it’s been 3 weeks since my last post. 3 weeks. Oh how time flies…