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Welcome to the family.

“My Chocolate Box isn’t just about providing luxury chocolate. It is also about building a community of people who share this wonderful chocolate experience. It is a family. Our chocolate family.” Stu Jordan ~ Founder of My Chocolate Box.



All these wonderful images taken by members of My Chocolate Box family! Submit yours on our Facebook wall and you could end up on our selfie wall too! More selfies below.




All these comments are unsolicited and come from members of My Chocolate Box family!


My Chocolate Box arrived this morning and I have already topped off all of the Raspberry and White Chocolate ones OMG they are so yummy! Also in love with the Macadamia Bark and the Mint Hearts! Thanks guys! Love getting my monthly treat 🙂  Tracy R. ~ My Chocolate Box Subscriber


???? I have tried all the chocolates and loved them all. My fav though are: Peanut & strawberry in betweeners, roasted macadamia bark, rose two-sies and mint creme hearts. Ordered yesterday at 1pm received this morning at 9:17am. Looking at recruiting more subscribers so I don’t have to share haha. Can’t wait to try the coffee milks in hot milk.  Anna L ~ My Chocolate Box Subscriber


????  I ordered yesterday and received today! My favourite is the peanut and strawberry Inbetweeners! They are soooooo yummy!  Cheryl V. ~ My Chocolate Box Subscriber


????Just opened it – love it!!!   Lucie J. ~ My Chocolate Box Subscriber


Love the peanut and strawberry inbetweeners reminder me off willy wonka ????????  Kim N ~ My Chocolate Box Subscriber


We got our first chocolate box today!!! The kids loved the chocolate bunnies!! I can’t pick a favourite yet, and I’ve tried them all twice ???? but those coconut clouds are dangerously yummy and I have no self control, so they won’t last long!!! Thank you!!!! ????????????  Kelie G.  ~ My Chocolate Box Subscriber


Wow, just opened my chocolate box! Have eaten quite a few already but look how much delicious chocolate there is! My fav is the macadamia cranberry bites ????????.  Kim J.  ~ My Chocolate Box Subscriber


The Best Chocolate EVER! I’m in heaven! Can’t wait for next months box!  Kasey J.  ~ My Chocolate Box Subscriber


Best part of my Saturday night is knowing i still have yummy chocolate left… seriously super yummy. My fave is the lemon coconut ruffles, and i dont normally like white choc but omg yum  Gina J.  ~ My Chocolate Box Subscriber


So the first bag in the February box I opened was the toffee clusters! Yum! I was going to take a photo but by the time I got to the camera it was all gone… Courtney D.  ~ My Chocolate Box Subscriber


Ordered the chocolate box for my daughters birthday present. She tried one of everything straight away and loved them all. We can’t wait for next month. Brilliant gift idea.  Rowan S.  ~ My Chocolate Box Subscriber


Not a big fan of hokey pokey, so figured these would go to my kids. But no! This stuff was awesome!  Holly D.  ~ My Chocolate Box Subscriber


I loved my box last month so much that I ended up reordering some of the items! Cant wait for this months box!!!!  Jessica S.  ~ My Chocolate Box Subscriber


We have loved having all the variety’s to choose from and liking flavours that we wouldn’t normally have purchased. Raspberry oh yum. The kids loved the high heels didn’t even get a chance to try them or the bunnies. Bring on the next one.  Lorena P.  ~ My Chocolate Box Subscriber


Raspberry ganache numnumnum moooorre!! Coconut cloud almost caused bloodshed, gorgeous chocolates you should be proud !  Gill D.  ~ My Chocolate Box Subscriber

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